Welcome to Dynamic Warrior
Dynamic Warriors is going to be an On-chain Hyper Casual Game Launching on Solana. The First Gen NFTs from Dynamic Warriors were "Dynamic Shields” Which SOLD OUT in 3 minutes! The Second Gen NFTs are " Dynamic Swords” Which are only 1,111 SWORDS Launching very soon!


  • Dynamic Shield’s Launch (SOLD OUT in 3 min)
  • 160+ Sol Volume traded
  • Bought 'Matrica Verification’
  • Started Working on 3D Swords - 1,111
  • Releasing Holder Perks & Token name.


  • Kickstarting Community Marketing.
  • Mint Date Launch for swords.
  • Sharing a sneak peek of our P2E Game "Dynamic Warrior”.
  • Launching 3D Swords Which will be used in our P2E Game.
  • many Airdrops and raffles.
  • Creation of DAO channel


  • Launch of our Exclusive club " Spartans “
  • There will be limited access to the private community.
  • Introducing Benefits & Utilities for Holders.
  • Launch of Dynamic Warrior Game Trailer!


  • Detailed Announcement of Token Launch
  • The Beta version of Our P2E Game Launch.
  • Token Airdrop for HOLDERS and game Leaderboard toppers!


  • Tokenomic will be discussed!
  • Setting up NFT Staking System
  • Token Airdrop for Marketing
  • IDO launch of $DYNAMIC token


  • Listing of $DY token on Dex!
  • Implementation of the $DY token in the Game.
  • Launch of our P2E Hyper Casual Game " dynamic Warriors “
This ROADMAP will be updated more & many things will be added! Also, This is not a Short term project, its a project for life where the community will be involved & can evolve!



Dynamic Warrior is going to be an On-Chain Hyper Casual Game Launching on Solana.


Dynamic Warriors have their Own currency now, known as Dynamic Tokens ($DY)!


Our Dynamic DAO is going to be a close-knit group with a limited number of people!
☣️ Dynamic Shields are the Gen 1 NFT launched in January which SOLD OUT in 3 minutes, It will be used in our P2E Game
☣️ 3D Dynamic Swords are 2nd Gen NFT which will be used in our P2E Hyper Casual Game.
☣️ Launch Date is 18 Feb 2022 .
☣️ There will be 1,111 Swords available to Mint. .
☣️The mint price for 1 Sword is 1SOL! .
☣️ WL members will have the Access to the Minting link earlier than Public! .
☣️You need 10 Invites and 5 rank to get Whitelisted or Participate in Games and Giveaways & Win WL roles! .
☣️Our Dynamic Whales will have the access to the VIP Mint, there will be no restrictions in this Mint! .
☣️We recommend Phantom wallet for smooth Minting but you can also use Sollet, Solflare and Slope. .
☣️ Dynamic Swords will be listing on great Marketplaces like Magic Eden, Solsea, we will try Solanart too after Soldout! .
☣️Verified & statistically approved Rarity will be launched on Moonrank & SolRarity after launch. .
☣️ You need to be a Holder of Shield & Swords to be able to access the Exclusive Club! (Minimum Holding No. Will be updated later) .
☣️Benifits are updated in detail, head to our Discord! .
☣️Our P2E Game "Dynamic Warriors" will be launched in Q2 but Spartans will be able to participate in our Beta Launch which will be sooon! ⚔️ .
☣️By holding a Shield & Sword you will be able to access our Play-2-Earn Hyper Casual Game, Exclusive Club "Spartans", and benefit of Utilities ✨ .