Our Dynamic DAO is going to be a close-knit group with a limited number of people!

If you are a member of Dynamic "DAO” you will get : ⁃ A share of royalty! ⁃ Weekly $DY Token drops. ⁃ You will have a say in this project & can vote in internal Decisions. ⁃ 100% of our Spartans Club Community funds allocation will be decided by DAOs ⁃ Exclusive Investment Opportunities.

As a DAO Member you will be at the Top of our Community. To be eligible for being & DAO member, Requirements : You should be a Whale in Holding Shields & Should Hold atleast 5 Swords !

Entering in the DAO means joining a family full of people who believe in the future greatness of our project & Amazing Community !

Dynamic Club

What is Exclusive Club "SPARTANS”?

Spartan’s is an Exclusive Club which is only for our valuable Dynamic NFT Holder’s. Our Aim is to make this the strongest & most beneficial Club around NFTs Being a "Spartan” means you share our vision of the future & benefits too !

~ Perks of Being a Member :
  • A restricted access will be set up for holders of our both NFTs!
  • This Club will be Important or especially for the future decisions of the project & Club members will have their roles to play in Voting,Suggestions & more.
  • We will be setting up a club Community funds.
  • After getting Sold Out ,Setting up club community, fund with 30% royalties from SWORDS!
  • Getting the first preference in our Dynamic Token’s IDO Allocation.
  • Monthly Token Airdrops Exclusively.
  • Spartans will get priority in Beta testing of Our P2E Game.
  • Access to Unlimited networking Possibilities.

Note: More benefits will be added as we work throughout this journey!